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American-based Nigerian alternative artist, and multidisciplinary creative, Kolade Bank Adekoya -BVNK (name pronounced Bank) is gearing up for the release of his experimental EP project titled ‘BVNK SZN’ – a sequel to a previous body of work in times past.

Over a course of time, Bvnk has established his nascent singing abilities and preference for writing along emotive lines – this is evident in the combined bodies of works – comprising EPs and LP – in his discography.

His latest released promotional single – ICE WATER, further expands on the characteristics that made the singer’s initial output so captivating.

For the most part, ICE WATER prioritizes the sort of vocal control common in today’s vibe-centric, neo-soul and R&B terrain. Over slow bass-thumping new numbers that complement glittering guitar-led keys production, BVNK sings “Man I seen so many things make we wanna change my ways/Gotta remind myself nobody can run my race. When they say cover your face, I’m on my pace no Face! No case! He locks into a wispy and conventional melody, which is automatically fitting for his earthly voice and evokes the image of journaling yourself through life and self-aggrandizement.

With its context in mind, his impending EP ‘BVNK SZN’ boasts of a superb compilation of eight-track numbers bordering on self reverential and would serve as comfort music for everyone that’s been living their life for people and feeling heavy laden. The Bvnk SZN EP will present itself as Bvnk’s inclination towards creating songs with intimacy and vulnerability at their core. Listening to the project is akin to gaining unfettered viewing as he fills out pages of his diary.

Bvnk’s music is primarily defined as one that knows no color, no skin tone or ethnicity rather inspired by beautiful Quotables, which ICE WATER is no different.

LISTEN TO ICE WATER on all streaming platforms here

Keep up with him and the latest updates on social media via his handles:

Instagram- @bvnk_official
Twitter – @bvnk_official

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