Pele Play – Night At The Playhouse

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Pele Play

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to budding musical genius, Pele Play, who on 18th September, released his E.P, Night At The Playhouse.

Within just 8 minutes of N.A.P, Pele Play takes you on a journey of sounds ranging from alternative to RnB to Jazz. Pele Play really takes an assertive stance on this project, flexing his creativity and expressing himself the way he knows best – Through his music. You could describe N.A.P. as bliss is beautifully authentic and recognizable, and you would be correct. N.A.P is best served with wine on a Sunday or on a sunny picnic day.

Describing his journey into music, Pele Play has an origin story we’ve seen frequently. “Started singing in church and I was really inspired by the possibilities of what I could do as regards singing and other great artists have inspired me”.

Not one to be boxed into a singular creative process, Pele Play asserts that he, his music, and his creative process are off kilter and can’t be compared “I’m not typical with my creation process, I make music that reflects my life and surroundings at the time”. 

A major reason why listeners can get attached to a type of music is the relatability – a song accurately depicting a situation or emption the listener is currently experiencing. Pele Play makes music for himself, but in a way that listeners can relate to, because it depicts situations they’ve been in too and is thus relevant to them. “I make music for myself first of all, and I’m glad people fuck with it. The goal is to pass a feeling across that will mean something to someone out there. Be it motivational, emotional or party vibes. Eventually it’s the feeling that counts for me”. 

On artistes he has on his vision board, in terms of collaboration, Pele Play says “I’d link with Erykah Badu, Asa, Bucie, Burna, Kaylow, Naya Akanji, Amaarae, Popcaan, for now’.

Pele Play
Pele Play

With equal and complete love for all his songs he says “There’s no such thing”.

Unlike the rest of the world, Pele Play does not think the recent Coronavirus lockdown has slowed him down one bit. “Nothing different from what I was on asides the fact that I need to go harder than ever cuz ain’t shit promised”. That’s a rock-solid mentality to have.

On his goals and ambitions, both in music and everything else, Pele Play has big plans. “Taking over the world, not only in music, but as a businessman and a better human”.  

Pele Play’s goodwill message to his listeners rings very true. “Fuck opinions. Do what makes you genuinely happy, and don’t forget to make money while you’re at it”.

Listen to N.A.P. here:


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3 years ago

The world awaits King Peleplay 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

3 years ago

Enjoyed writing about Pele play, his music is beautiful

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