On “Beautiful Day”, Kid Marley Brings Hope and Reassurance

Chima Kelechi
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“Little black boy from eastern Nigeria”, Kid Marley, despite the situation of things surrounding him, proclaims what he wants for himself in new song, “Beautiful Day”.

The mid-tempo positive music lays off on a pattern of repetition of drums backed up by melodies which ushered in Kid Marley’s vocals on the intro. This piece was produced by ace producer Osinachi Nwaneri.

Encapsulating positive and good energy, Kid Marley is sure to bring reassurance and hope to his listeners through this song and also set a sweet tone for his forthcoming album titled “Grown”.

To new beginnings and referencing the popular saying “joy comes in the morning” Kid Marley seals off the track by urging his listeners to join him in having a “Beautiful day”.

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Chima Kelechi

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