Kobi Jonz’s “Kool Rebel EP” Displays Afro-pop Mastery

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Kobi Jonz announces the release of his highly anticipated EP, Kool Rebel available on all platforms . The 5 track project portrays Kobi Jonz’s journey in breaking down barriers of normalcy. It is a body of work that highlights the importance of confidence and emboldens the idea of defiance. 

The project is filled with moments of reflection. Ebbing and flowing melodies and the various unequivocal sound elements reinforce a positive message; to be a Kool Rebel.

Mixed and mastered by GRAMMY award-winning mixing engineer, Jesse Ray Ernster, Kool Rebel is a collage of global talents, with contributors from various parts of the world coming together to birth this unique sound of Afro-Pop dance and feel-good music. With the world being on pause, similar to many of us zoom was the catalyst that assembled everyone to create this EP.

Kobi Jonz

The project symbolizes an intimate and honest conversation with his fans initiated by “TBH’s” raw expression of Kobi’s grit and aspirations in life. Things get serious as the personal rant turns into powerful memo covering issues from women’s rights to governmental problems and the tribulations of politics in “KRITIKAL”. Kobi’s disappointment in the status quo forces him to try to seek the good in life with “DADA”, which gets the party started as we vibe into “AFRO GOOSEBUMPS” and “TROUBLE MAKER”. Everyone who listens to the project compliments Kobi’s unique sound, honesty, and lyricism in this first-hand glimpse inside the world of the Kool Rebel.

You can listen here.


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