Okezzy Makes a Notable Return with “Gallant”

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“Music choose me,” are the three striking words Okezzy unwrapped when I requested to know why he choose to explore music. When I appeal to understand why he does an incredible art via making music. He became so emotional and at the same time thoughtful while offering me simple answers.

Eze Destiny Okechukwu, popular as Okezzy within the Niger Delta region in Port Harcourt city. A 27-year old Nigerian fast rising record artiste from Ebonyi state. A native of Onicha, who was born and raised in Diobu, Port Harcourt. One of the most famed ghetto communities within the city. He attended one of the most famous schools within the Diobu community known as St. Thomas State school, Port Harcourt. All this perfects the tales of young Okezzy, and it administered a unique influence to his music career.

Also, growing up from a music loving background. With his record producer immediate younger brother, as well shaped his music career. Sprouting from the ghetto has sizably shaped his music so much. Down to his evocative and distinguished form of style that preserves his artistry and unique fashion taste. Okezzy’s story is touching. Growing up from a poor background. In there, his story grew tougher yet his musical ambitions also grew stronger. While he slept under bridges, had to do petty and menial jobs to survive through this cold world, as Jay Z would say. He kept pushing from being a conductor, a wheel barrow pusher on the streets of Port Harcourt. Selling gala, chin-chin and so forth. These have been ways for him to pay the price to manifest the beauty of his ambitious dream.

Accoridng to him, “What I have passed through on the street has made me discover my own sound known as “Survival Sounds,” He revealed. “The style and niche of my music which is been influenced by the hardship and trying times I have been through had helped shaped me into becoming a better person.” In his words, “The suffer which I faced!” He said in surprise and I was left in awe and shock. This young man’s story deserves some pity. But his determination to make it didn’t allow him succumb to feel sorry for not getting it due to his negative circumstances.

Okezzy believes that he is the voice emanating from the darkest parts of the street. And he fusions English and Pidgin to convey the spectacular messages of his music. So far, he is introducing this peculiar sound to us and sharing his music with the world from the oil rich city of Port Harcourt. While he mentions names like late DJ Skylo, famed talent manager and music executive Jason DDeal. As backbones that frequently lent their many support to offer his career a lift. He made mention that this names in Port Harcourt music industry has made his journey abit smooth regardless.

In his words, “It has not been an easy ride. But having few people like Jason, late DJ Skylo etc, has been encouraging. These people believed in me. Well, may Skylo’s gentle soul rest in the blossom of the Lord,” He said feeling sober and added that, “He was supportive. These people motivated me. However, Port Harcourt music industry has been inspiring.”

For his creative process. He confessed that his poor background has affected his productivity from often acquiring studio sessions. Making music frequently as well, it has not been an easy ride for Okezzy. Meanwhile, giving up is not an option since this is a career that he believes has naturally enlisted him as one of those rising stars. Last year, he released a single tagged — “Paddi,” and due to certain unforeseen circumstances. He paused his music career to focus on getting his life together.

Currently, he has returned with a 1dabanton produced hit single titled, “Gallant.” An introspective single which allows a listener peep into his unique world. He is back and this time, he sets out to make beautiful music with the likes of Victor AD, Burna Boy, Mohbad, Odumodublvck and more. In five years from now, he sees himself playing with the big leagues within the Nigeria entertainment industry. Okezzy’s return with “Gallant,” is notable and it’s nothing like before. Listen Here


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