The Best Nollywood Movies of 2020

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2020 has been a lot of things—doleful, turbulent, and erratic! A pandemic hit (and it is still a thing), the filmmaking industry has had to suffer a huge setback (just like the rest of the world); Cinemas shut down, filming halted and movie releases were delayed due to the Covid-19.

While Nollywood almost had a non- fructuous year, 2020 still realized some of the most impactful stories in Nollywood history—from churning out poignant and socially conscious films, mirroring the decays of the society; Sequels and Remakes that made us nostalgic about the good moments we once felt, to perfectly curated comedies to keep us through the turbulent year.

In no particular order, these are our best movies of 2020:

1. The Milkmaid

Several movies have touched the subjects that Desmond Ovbiagele’s “The Milkmaid” explores but none has quite nailed it as it did. The film unabashedly tells an enthralling and visceral story about insurgency and the effects on the victims and the society coupled with noteworthy performances from its cast and its befitting cinematography.

2. Oloture

Social media went agog when the Netflix original aired on the platform during the thick of the pandemic. The film received recognition and appraisal for its cast, story, and cinematography. Oloture follows the misadventures of the titular character in a quest to uncover one of the biggest human trafficking rings in the country. The film’s main theme is centered around human trafficking and its woes; a subject matter which is very rampant in the country. The performances in this film are the core of its beauty.

3. Citation

With Citation, Kunle Afolayan and Tunde Babalola created a nifty film on sexual assault in Nigerian universities. This comes in light of the several agitations for an end to sex-for-grade, sexual harassment, and gender-based violence in universities. The brilliant plot comes to light with the aid of its impressive cinematography.

4. Omo Ghetto (The Saga)

Where most Nigerian supposed “action films” fails, the comedy “ Omo Ghetto” soars! Omo Ghetto dishes sheer comedy, terrific performances, action thrills, and an incredibly perfect climax. Omo Ghetto won’t exist without Funke Akindele’s insane performance, she plays the role of identical twin sisters divided at birth and leading opposite lives. The film also dwells on copious social issues.

5. This Lady Called Life

Aiye, a single mother aims at being a Chef but certain factors hinder her desire and dreams. This film tells an enthralling love story with very significant subject matters like child abuse that elevates it. The chemistry between its lead cast (Bisola Aiyeola and Efa Ewara) is impressive, and Kayode Kasum’s direction is noteworthy. This Lady Called Life is an enchanting romantic film with awesome performances.

6. Rattlesnake (The Ahanna Story)

Play Network’s plan to churn out remakes of  hit legendary movies continues to prove fruitful with Rattlesnake dominating the cinemas after their hit 2019 remake of ‘Living in Bondage’.

Rattlesnake boast of thrilling performances and jaw-dropping cinematography. This is equally another win for Director Ramsey Nouah.

7. Voiceless

Voiceless is typically difficult to watch—in actuality, this is someone’s story and people live this horror. Voiceless tells the story of Salma and Goni—victims of insurgency. It tackles issues such as girl child and gender-based violence. Directed by Robert O. Peters and shot in the Northern part of Nigeria. The young actors in this film were the cynosure of the film—their performances were nothing short of perfection.

8. Introducing the Kujus

ITK is a perfect holiday movie rooted in family values with promises of laughter and comedy. It has a handful of awesome actors who did not fail to deliver. It is directed by Biodun Stephen (Picture Perfect/ Looking For Baami). The comedy centers on the Kuju siblings and resolving their longtime conflict.


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