OG Spaceman Releases “Drama Delay”

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With interlocking musical elements and influences from both contemporary and ‘old-time’ musical forms, styles, and idioms, OG Spaceman delivers an authentic, unique-but-familiar, diverse-but-cohesive two-tracker which he titles “Drama Delay.”

As encompassing as this can be, even a rather casual listening will reveal core elements from universal and ethnic musical forms like the heavy hip-hop 808s, minimal West African percussions, thumping hip-hop/rap rhythm, and even some melodic and harmonic elements from electronic dance music, all coming together to form a perfect bed for the flawless and soothing but charismatic mid-pitched tenor vocals of OG Spaceman.

As he delivers his lyrical messages with authenticity, the delivery gets laced with tonal colors from the minimal Jamaican patois, British English, Nigerian pidgin, and even some Yoruba.

“Drama Delay” is a demonstration of pure and undiluted artistry – with the diverse musical elements coming together to create a highly synergized but perfectly cohesive EP, it can only be fair to label this “a paradigm of musical universality.”

This is an all-embracing EP – it matters not where you are from, if you are a musical ‘old head’ or you dig the pulsating contemporary vibes more; you will surely find something in “Drama Delay” to resonate with. The overall production is clean and top-notch. The EP is available on all streaming platforms, listen here


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