Wisdom Is Back With “Inside You”

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With over 2 million streams across digital Streaming platforms providers last year, Wisdom is Back.

Singer/Songwriter, Wisdom releases a new single “Inside You,” A raw, sultry & sexual song that doesn’t shy away from innuendos, taking it as literal as it can get. “Inside You” layers Wisdom’s signature laidback melody with a shiny falsetto over an ascending groove of beats, produced by Ladi, co-produced by Wisdom, and engineered by VTEK who tunes the songs of stars like Yemi Alade, etc. 

About the song, Wisdom says, “I just wanted to say it how it is, no sugar-coating, just pure emotion and sexual energy, ‘cause at the end of the day there’s really no point hiding these things”

“I don’t want no henny, I just want my baby” “there’s no need to shalaye all I want now is your way”, Wisdom sings about how his baby is his natural high and doesn’t need any influence or Shalaye which is Yoruba for “unnecessary explanation” all he wants is to be making love to her.

“Inside you” is Wisdom’s first solo release since he dropped his dedication EP “20 10 20” in December 2020 and his collaboration “Hussle” with Houston artist Gram. 

Wisdom fuels his passion for his lover with reference to how attached he is. “From the morning till the evening I will never leave your side” He also brags about his prowess and his ability to satisfy as he sings “slide all up in ya make you feel all nice all night”

Stream “Inside You” here.


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