Nasty C’s Zulu Man With Some Power – A Review

Alexx the Curator
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Zulu Man With Some Power album cover

If a definitive list declaring the music industry’s greatest existed, Nasty C would likely have his name listed in bold. With projects making numbers time and time again, this talented rapper has come to play and come to stay. Released last month, his album ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’ made waves in the international scene and his perfect execution is the answer to why.

Recently signed to Def Jam Records, the New York label housing big names like Kanye West & Big Sean, Nasty C released his 5th and most anticipated project “Zulu Man With Some Power”, on August 28, with a track list of 20 songs and featuring international giants like T.I among several others.

What’s interesting is knowing Nasty’s hopes with this project. In an interview with OkayAfrica, the SA rapper said, “I want the world to know there’s more than just Afrobeats in Africa.” Although there has been no doubt about the talent in his craft, this album quashes the talks of critics and naysayers alike.

Starting with the striking cover art, Zulu Man With Some Power promises to be incredibly invigorating, sporting Nasty dawning a crown and spear; a prelude of what’s to expect in this body of work.  

The hip hop album kicks off with “King Shit”, a confident symphony of lyrics and tunes. Even his singing voice is audacious as he runs through with truths of his escapades and claim to the throne. Nasty rides the energy through “Steve Biko” and “That’s Hard”, personal favorites on the album. The producers make exemplary work of this project and this is obvious with every track. Nasty C definitely has an ear for beats tuned to perfection. “Overpriced Steak” comes with a different flow; soulful and smooth. Nasty also gives respect to his one of his inspirations – Lil Wayne, while answering a question he’s asked ever so often;

“I talk like this cuz I listen to Weezy everyday”.

Another line that hit like a freight train is his double entendre reference to Jay-Z

“Won’t Ever Use My Skin As An Excuse ‘Cos I’ve Seen Hova Face”.

ZMWSP tracklist

He plays on the solemn tunes on “Feeling” with the rhymes in his lyrics taking me straight to church. Nasty has always been that guy, motivating you to believe in yourself because he did too and it worked out for him.

Another personal best is “Zulu Man”. Here, Nasty C jumps on the chance to wield his heritage, charging menacingly on the beat like a Zulu warrior with his umkhonto (spear).

When the needle finally drops on “There they go”, there is no doubt in the world to why this track was pre-released, or why it was a hit then and still is now. Bars sizzling hot, Nasty spits fire and leaves us with no choice but to feel sorry for whoever was in his line of fire when he came up with this track. What’s more is another reference to Lil Wayne that will elicit a nod and a “mhmm” from every gardener listening.

Final thoughts? Yes. The album slapped, slaps, and will likely continue to slap. While this review doesn’t cover every song on the album, the ENTIRE album deserves replays many times over, first to pick up on the lyrical bread crumbs Nasty C drops and then for the pure pleasure of it.

Altogether it’s a very enjoyable album and a 5/5 from me, if we’re keeping it 💯. With his niche firmly set in the hip-hop genre, I have nothing but admiration for the effort, execution and altogether the pure talent of the young rapper.

Listen to Zulu Man With Some Power below.

Alexx the Curator

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Sophia Afolayan
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