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If you are stuck in a dilemma to stream  ‘Mama Drama” ( now streaming on Netflix) or not, I think you will get clarity after seeing this review.

Mama drama is a long way from the generic comedy Nollywood content we have been made to sit through in recent times.

the film is written by Diche Enunwa, Temitope Bolade Akinbode, and produced by Joy Grant Ekon.

the story tells us about Mena (Osas Ighodaro) a lady who struggled with infertility issues and after her 6th miscarriage finally opted for surrogacy with her P.A. Kemi (Kehinde Bankole).

During the 6 miscarriages, although she had a sweet and understanding husband (Kunle Remi), her mother-in-law was not soft on her. While Kemi was with Mena’s child, she lost her son who choked to death. Painfully and sadly, they went on with the surrogacy plans and after Kemi had the child, Mena and her immediate family relocated to stay away from the mother-in-law.

as the story unfolds, the cast is thrown into a series of unfortunate events that strengthen the story’s core, leading up to a child custody battle.

Considering the fact that the story was loosely based on a true-life event, the story was well written and portrayed. The casting was well done and every single cast delivered terrific performances. Further noteworthy characters are Mena (Osas Ighodaro) and Kemi (Kehinde Bankole), the story is a very emotional one. they put in the right emotion needed for the movie, not too small to trivialize the situation and still not too much to ridicule the role. Speaking on emotions, Kemi’s husband (Femi Adebayo) was all the comedy the movie needed— a character well played.

I think a major lapse of this movie was the camera angle and continuity towards the end of the movie. The scene that had Seyi fainting could have been portrayed better. Considering how the court ruling went, viewers already had suspicions. Will the movie just come to an end like this? Will something happen to Seyi? In my opinion, the way the camera kept skipping and showing Mena from below before what happened took the suspense away from that scene. The final court judgment scene was another ugly scene to sit through. I don’t think the movie needed the continuous rants and comments from the grandmothers. With the severity of the case in particular and the movie in general, that was a scene that was wrongly put.

On a final note, Mama Drama is a twisted story of motherhood we do not often hear about filled with tears both of joy and sadness and a message of hope. We recommend!


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