5 Legendary Nollywood Actors and Their Typecasts



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Classic Nollywood movies had certain typecast characters that had almost the same role in all movies they featured in. Whilst this isn’t commonplace around recent Nollywood sets (at least with lead roles), we like to remember the simpler times, so we made a list comprising of some of the legends we enjoyed growing up. 

Patience Ozokwor

Typically the villain. When she wasn’t playing the wicked mother-in-law or step-mother, then she was probably on some other set. Characters like the wicked mother-in-law in “Upside Down” made her character etched in our memories. This was one of the reasons we couldn’t believe it when she played against type in “Omugwo”. Till the end, we kept waiting for a twist. We never got one. 

Pete Edochie

Pete played the typical Nollywood wise old father or the “Igwe”. Whether he was the story’s protagonist or villain, he was always armed with multiple proverbs ready to fire rounds of proverbs without a moment’s notice. He could just randomly go, “The cow who is in a hurry to go to America, will come back as corned beef” or “Whoever presents his head to break coconut would not be able to partake in the eating of it”. 

Chiwetalu Agu

This man here was always “That Uncle”, either waiting on the sidelines for the main character’s father or husband to die. Other times, he was more intentional about it and masterminds the untimely demise of another character. What usually followed would be an immediate claim to lands, cars and even wives. We can’t forget his funny exclamations like, “ekwensu e romancia mami water” and several other sayings that transcended into different movie sets.

Nkem Owoh

It’s easier to describe him as “Osuofia”. He was the life of any movie he starred in. His vibes were always unforced and effortlessly delivered. From father, to uncle or to husband, he always added a tinge of humour to everything. “Serious” and “Nkem Owoh” could never have been seen in a movie. Once you find him on a set, you can only expect to laugh. Recent examples are found in Chief Daddy and Lionheart.

Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme

Aki and Pawpaw as they were notoriously known were that duo that brought fun and memes to whichever movie they starred in. They were either troublesome teenagers “Aki na Ukwa” or annoying big boys lavishing another man’s money on drinks and women. These guys were exciting to watch, they constantly remind us of simpler times. Together they were a village menace but somehow, this excited us.


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