Glamour Girls Review

Adanna O
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If you are wondering what the next pandemic or plague is — news flash, it is already here. Nollywood’s need to dish out half-baked and execrable sequels and remakes of classics that have defined the industry through its growing years is indeed an illness that needs to be attended to.

To be honest, the first fifteen to thirty minutes of Glamour Girls may seem promising but along the way, the story and plot gets stuck and eventually drowns with no chance of survival. The Glamour is present but the plot is lacking; if the film were a fashion show, it will probably be the talk of the season. 

There’s so much that could have gone better with the movie. While we cannot discountenance the terrible acting on display, post-production was truly terrible. From the mismatch in the score and soundtracks that were less than apt. There were too many songs in scenes that could’ve used silence. While one may think the plot of Glamour Girls may be its undoing, the sound struggles for the top spot.

One thing the industry needs to learn is that the audience has moved past film gimmicks that essentially aims to cover the fault in a film. If your story is lacking, then every other thing fails. 

‘Glamour Girls’ is what happens when you have actors, directors, scriptwriters, cameras and an entire crew but forget the script and by extension, the plot at home. The result is an unmitigated catastrophe. Actors running improv, flashes of brilliance in cinematography, scriptwriters conjuring the semblance of a storyline from sheer will, and a post-production process that leaves a sour aftertaste. The result for the audience is that, if you thought the remake of ‘Aki and PawPaw’ was terrible— ‘Glamour Girls’ manages to be worse. If you thought ‘Chief Daddy 2’ was mortifying— ‘Glamour Girls’ has set a new standard.

But some things work out in this movie. We must give Taymesan Emmanuel and Seyilola Ogidan for impressive acting . At times, they seemed like the only people on set who actually went out of their way to embody the characters. Everyone else was subpar. Everyone.

Adanna O

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