Guide 1: sourcing for the Best Nollywood Films

Tolulope Ebiseni
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Are you constantly riddled with the stress of getting a good Nollywood film? Have you ever been haunted by the horrors of a bad story, terrible acting, or even worse film? Yes, everyone has had their fair share of these experiences.

While Nollywood’s improvement over the year has been clear and palpable, there still exists an array of horrendous films; overrated blockbusters, or even overly weird films that make you question the intentions of the filmmaker. This anomaly could be avoided with the below guide to finding your perfect Nollywood film or avoiding the bad ones. Let’s get into it!

Director’s Portfolio

  Did you enjoy the previous projects from the director? Is the genre of the supposed film the director’s forte? How good is the director? These are some of the questions you need to think about while browsing through for films to watch. The utmost creative power in a film is vested in the director. Therefore, a director’s portfolio yields power in determining a good film.

Trailer (Cinematography and Plot)

Before you download that film or head to the cinemas, make sure you check out the trailer and pay keen attention to its cinematography and plot. Trailers show the best parts in a film. if the trailer is bad—the film will most likely be bad too.

The number of A-list Actors Present in your Film

 When there about seven A-list actors in your chosen film—run, run! fair enough, you are wondering how A-list actors equal terrible films? More recently, Nollywood filmmakers tend to focus on the prowess of an actor rather than the story itself to sell their films. You could have a good Nollywood film with an ensemble of well-established actors but the chances are slim to none, say for a few Nollywood film like Isoken and The wedding party 1.

Number of Instagram Comedians and Non- Acting Celebrities

Dear Nollywood filmmakers, Instagram comedians, and your friends are not actors! This probably is the biggest red flag you are going to find. Just avoid those films and save yourself the stress.

 Acting Prowess of the Main Cast

The main casts lead the story to its climax. If the main cast is not talented actors, you are probably going to cringe or get lost or bored on the way, even if it has a compelling story.

Reviews from Credible Sources and Critics

Critics exist for the main reason for providing you with information on the good and bad of a film. When two or more critics say the same thing about a film, it is very unlikely that it isn’t true. TXTMAG provides you with relevant reviews from professional and credible critics.

Support Indie Films

Whether you are a cinephile or not, supporting indie films will enhance good storytelling and introduce ignored genres into Nollywood. Other benefits of supporting independent films include stress-free Netflix and Chilling; putting food on a young filmmaker’s table and clear skin.

Tolulope Ebiseni

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Occasional writer, Cinephile and critic.

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