Ikayh: “I’ve never doubted my talent and what I can contribute to the industry from day one”

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Ikayh is a fearless rising artist ready to make his mark on the game. He shared his experiences, life and journey with us on a live chat on the 23rd of May. Enjoy.

TXT: Hello Ikayh Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us today. How has your day been?

Ikayh: My day is going really well thank you.

Let’s start from the top, how did your journey in the industry begin? 

My journey so far has been pretty difficult I’m not going to lie. Promoting my music to be precise but I’ve seen growth in my music since I started.

Yeah, the numbers don’t lie. Could you give us some insight into your journey so far in the industry?

It’s been a struggle getting new listeners. I mean it’s not really a matter of dropping good songs. But so far I’ve been able to gather some loyal followers and I don’t plan to let them down.

What’s your favorite recording in your catalogue?

My favorite recording has to be “Alcohol”.

That’s a vibe!

I know right! Thank you.

Random question, Nike or Adidas?


Yeah checks over stripes.

How did it feel to see ‘The Life of Ikayh’ EP garner such positive reviews?

Honestly, I’ve never doubted my talent and what I can contribute to the industry from day one but it felt good that people were receptive to it and that made me happy.

Run us through your process for creating records?

So it might sound funny but I don’t usually write lyrics. I have this recording app on my phone I use so I just listen to random beats and initially freestyle to it and I construct the wordings properly later on. Quite fast and easy.

When you’re not in the studio recording music or performing, what do you do with the spare time?

Haha! Outside music, I’m an Engineer. Metallurgical and materials engineer to be precise. Right Now? I’m a tech guy. I work as a software developer at an Agrotech company in Lagos.

Oh that’s nice, so what school did you graduate from?

I graduated from the university of first choice, University of Lagos.

You Unilag people have come again!

You dropped “Ojoro” recently, what’s the story behind the single?

There’s really no story behind “Ojoro” tbh. I just liked the vibe of the beat when my producer sent it over and I wanted to create a dance song and “Ojoro” happened.

That’s one for the clubs.

There are a lot of Artists releasing music right now, what makes the Ikayh sound and brand stand out?

I’m handsome and I can sing, which makes me stand out. On a serious note, though, I think my sound is unique and I always deliver catchy hooks, which is essential while making music. I am very versatile and my lyrics are top-notch. All these make my music stand out.

Haha. You had us in the first sentence.

So many great Artists have come and gone, who inspires Ikayh?

Burna boy inspires me and that’s overall. I mean I listen majorly to Nigerian songs and Burna boy has been a major inspiration. People think I try to copy his style but I don’t. We just happen to sound alike.

“The Life of Ikayh” was a great EP, can we expect a new project before the end of the year?

Well certainly. I plan to release another short body of work before the year runs out by the grace of God. I have a lot of songs for my fans out there. Can’t wait to share it all. For the trap guys I got you, the Afrobeat guys I got you.

We certainly look forward to seeing more of your work! Thanks for sharing your time with us.

Thanks for having me.

You can stream Ikayh’s latest single here.


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