“AG Baby”: An Introduction to Afro Pop

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Yes, the rumors are true.

Adekunle Gold may have just conducted the most successful transition in Nigerian music history. On the day he released “Before You Wake Up”, the shift had begun. The track went on to become one of the most successful cross-over hits of his career and “officially” kicked off the “Afro-Pop” era.

Upon the release of “Something Different”, we wrote—

“A.G is releasing great music in a time where many of his contemporaries are losing their grip…Afro-Pop is looking to be a great serve in a dense musical year. Adekunle Gold might not have your ears YET but he’s doing the Lord’s work”

There Is Something Different about “Something Different” by TXT.

As of today, “Something Different” has spent over 10 weeks on the charts. The track also peaked at Number 1 on Apple Music. AG is making light work of his reinvention.

“Gimme that, gimme that bop!”

AG Baby | Anthony Azekwoh (2020)

Reinventing artistry is not an easy thing. Reinventing ANYTHING within the unforgiving Afrobeats space is a little more difficult. For artistes like Adekunle Gold with fairly distinctive sounds, it almost becomes impossible to pivot from the sounds that created initial appeal – like the sounds on his debut album Gold (2017).

To be fair, transitions have always happened. Tiwa Savage is arguably on her 3rd reinvention on the music scene, Burna Boy grew into the African Giant and 2 Baba has literally done it all. But Adekunle Gold is something different. We mean that quite literally. His reinvention was a near upheaval – a complete rebrand from image to sound.

AG has built a new persona from the ground up. He has built it in a time where it was risky being an outlier in a young and volatile industry. He has carried the folk genre on his shoulders and into the future. It’s taken over a year of deliberateness in fashion, family and finesse to do it, but he’s successfully pivoted and taken us on the journey with him.

“A A A AG Baby, Don’t Stop (Omo ton so)”

We must give credit to TMXO for the genius behind the boards. The sound on the track is vaguely reminiscent of his hook on Sess’s 2018 record “Original Gangster. “AG Baby” is an Afro-Pop record with influences of reggae and dancehall (remember Simi’s “Jericho”?). It’s the opening track to his album scheduled to drop in August.

“AG Baby” is one of the very few 2020 music releases that combine both vibe and melody. The lyrics cement his status as Afro-Pop’s reigning king and describes haters as “wannabes”. It’s pretty boastful stuff, but when AG sings it, you scream “Periodt!” as you listen. The beauty in Nailah Blackman’s input is as simple as it is undeniable.

“Ah. I Pro-Pa-Gate (The movement you see)”

We are slowly approaching an era that’ll be largely defined by afro-pop music, not generic afrobeats – AFRO POP! Think “Betty Butter”“Nobody”“Jealous”“Baby” or any of the mega hits from recent times. A pattern emerges – simple verses, seamless transitions and hooks that people can latch on to and chant subconsciously.

If you’ve not listened to this chart topper off Adekunle Gold’s upcoming album – Afro Pop, Vol. 1, here’s your chance:

Love and Light.


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