[EP REVIEW] Magixx— Atom

Adanna O
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In the last quarter of 2021, Mavin Records unveiled its newest signee, Magixx, along with his debut project of the same name. A head-spinning assortment of uninspired “jams”, we left the final song wondering who Magixx was as an artist, and why he was presented to us at all.

Things began to take shape with the release of his “re-up”, ” Love Don’t Cost A Dime”, a much better remake and duet of his earlier song of the same name, on his debut EP. It seemed that Magixx had found his sound and a slice of the fast-moving market. More importantly, the song highlighted his most valuable asset —his voice.

With “Atoms”, it seems that Magixx and Mavins have started to take notice of this and maybe even embrace it. The opener, ” All Over,” leans into his crooning tendencies and delivers a smooth, groovy track with soft crowd vocals for good measure. 

Magixx’s best showing with commercial Afropop is lead single “Shaye.” It’s a deft combination of piano-esque drums, carefree lyrics, and a crowd refrain. The breathless delivery of the post chorus — ” Don’t send nobody, me and my shawtys” — makes him sound just that(breathless), but it is a minor error in a generally marketable song.

” Forever” is a syrupy wedding tune with perfect delivery and production, begging for a reception themed music video. The song immediately evokes the same feeling as Tiwa Savage’s ” My Darlin,” released 7 years prior. It is the best song on a project mostly filled with good songs.

Atom’s weak link, however, is a sentiment that pervades the entire project and is embodied in track 2, ” Weekenjoyment,” a forgettable tune of much lower standards. One gets the sense that Magixx and Mavin are desperately trying to toe the line between average gbedu creation and a career of Gen Z crooning. Whatever the choice is, it should be made quickly—chase two chickens and you will likely lose them both.

In this writer’s opinion, Magixx has the potential to be one of his generation’s most beloved voices. He needs only do one thing—SING.

Adanna O

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I will stan Waje, Omawunmi and Tiwa till my legs can’t take it anymore.

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