Timaya Has Reasons to be Thankful on ‘Gratitude’ (Album Review)

Adanna O
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It’s 2020 and despite what Timaya had us believe in 2010, he is no longer that plantain boy. 4 Headies, millions of sales and 15 years after his debut single, “Dem Mama”, Timaya has had an impressive career by every standard. Timaya knows this and uses this album to document his journey; the highs, the lows, and all the lessons learnt along the way.

Thematically, this is Timaya’s strongest album. He is religiously committed to the retelling of his story. For a man who’s built his career on a recurring “grass to Grace” theme, you’d think we’d be over it by now, but we’re not. Timaya tells his story with a seasoned maturity and we are inclined to listen. When he brags, it is celebratory, not “boastful”. When he advises, we are tempted to take notes. He no longer has stuff to prove and is satisfied to count his blessings.
Perhaps the best song on this album, “Chulo Bother Nobody” is a perfect combination of everything this album represents. He traces his career from his first album, “True Story”, to the sad realities that 2020 had to offer. It is sober and reflective with a beautiful hook to match.

Of course, the 2019 hit, “I can’t kill myself” bangs with renewed force considering 2019’s events and the new Basket Mouth x Oxlade song with exactly the same sentiment (expect comparisons in the near future).

This is not to say however, that the album is without faults and fillers. Songs like “Okaka”, “Gra Gra” and “No Limit” sound dated, uninspired and almost repetitive. But we are ultimately proud of this album and the legacy that is Timaya’s 15 year career. On “Gratitude”, we join him in Thanksgiving.

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Adanna O

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