Day of Destiny Review

Release Date : 2021

TXT Score : 3.7/5


Producer(s) : Inkblot Productions, Anthill, and Anakle Films

Cast : Olumide Oowru, Denola Grey, Norbert Young and Toyin Abraham

Director : Abosi Ogba, Akay Mason


D.O.D is the thrilling adventure of Chidi and Rotimi, teenagers who get a magical chance to travel back in time and change their broke parents’ past.
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Day of Destiny (DOD) is one movie that broke away from the generic Nollywood comedy frenzy. The project is the harbinger of many firsts, it’s the first ever Nigerian fantasy/adventure movie, the first Nollywood time travel movie and the first nollywood movie of 2021. For a movie without predecessors in this line, it is a really good watch.

One of the high points of the movie was Olumide Oworu’s (Chidi) performance. Any less than that award wining performance would’ve done a great disservice to the script. Another plus for the movie was the fact that even the humorous bits were not forced. The screenwriters deserve immense credit for portraying day to day realities without reducing the entire scrip to a slapstick. 

It’s the small location details and attention to the details of the 2000s that make this movie a great watch. From the currency notes, fashion fits and props— everything on set created that 2000s throwback feel.

The set details were really good. However, the animation that depicted time travel at the healer’s place was a letdown. That should’ve been depicted better as it was such an integral cut. Another sore spot was Toyin Abraham’s typecast. In a movie that introduced us to very impressive new faces, there was absolutely no need for typecasts. Let’s get someone else to play the “streetwise” woman. As long as the script is great, Nigerians will enjoy the movie at the box office.

As impressive as the acting was, there are a few dragged scenes especially towards the end of the movie. Another issue is the movie’s cuts and continuity. It becomes a problem for the audience when a TV that was turned off suddenly comes on with “newsflash”.

Save a few continuity errors and timeline mishaps which are nearly invisible, DOD passes as an entertaining family drama with a good dose of comedy laced with important lessons and a well portrayed emotions. 

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