The Hebert Macaulay Affair

Release Date : 2019

Run Time : 1 hour 30 minutes

TXT Score : 3.4/5


Cast : Duke Elvis, Martha Orhiere, Saidi Balogun, William Benson

Director : Imoh Umoren


The movie follows the life of Herbert as he returns to Nigeria to serve Country and Queen but rescinds this decision when he sees the high-handedness and corruption of the British colonial government.
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The Herbert Macaulay Affair is something to see. It’s a great piece of art. It deserved the recognition. Also, Imoh Umoren deserves considerable credit for doing the Lord’s work. An attempt at exploring the life and times of a colonial hero, whose significance in Nigeria’s history has been whittled down to a “non-existent” footnote is no mean feat (yes, pun intended).

However, certain errors with the set and process make it a discordant tune. As realistic as the movie’s 18th century language seemed, it appears a “bro” slipped through the cracks. The set design which was supposed to be reflective of the times, sadly wasn’t. The costuming and makeup (long neck ties and the moustache) didn’t quite cut it. There were bits and pieces that were more modern than ancient (electric poles with internet cables). This all highlights the need for proper funding for our Indie filmmakers. 

At the end of the day, these defects are cosmetic. The story as told by Imoh is something to be proud as we can see Nigerians taking back the narrative. A standout performance is by the woman who played Caroline Patt (you’ll love it). The closing scene is also worth waiting for.

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