Eli Jae Releases New Music; “All Over”

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Afro-fusion/R&B artist, Eli Jaeis releases his latest hit, “All Over”. The song, released by Squareball Entertainment, is a flawless voyage through captivating melodies, well-crafted beats, and the alluring veil of infatuation.

“All Over” by Eli Jae is a unique blend of Afro-fusion, house, and pop. The smooth bassline and shimmering synths create an ethereal sound that immediately grabs the listener’s attention.

The song’s lyrics capture the exhilarating feeling of being smitten, with Jae vividly depicting a woman who leaves him mesmerized and yearning for more. The relatable theme and catchy hook are sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever been swept away by the whirlwind of infatuation.

The excitement surrounding “All Over” is further amplified by Eli Jae’s partnership with Squareball Entertainment. This renowned label, known for nurturing talents like Afrobeats superstar 1da Banton, has a keen eye for potential. Their backing adds fuel to the fire, suggesting that Eli Jae is an artist on the cusp of something extraordinary. Listen here


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