7 Questions with St. Seii

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What inspires your fashion style? 

For St. Seii, my style is situated around my personality; I dress for myself, so you could say my style is who I am. audacious, creative, innovative, and, of course, ambitious. 

Do you see yourself starting a clothing line soon? 

Definitely, my sense of style is something I’d like to put out there because I’m aware it appeals to a lot of people. Also because my creativity and artistry aren’t just limited to music alone but also pen to paper to bring my imaginations to life in regards to fashion. So in essence, a clothing line is a project that I believe is feasible and very much achievable. You should keep an eye on my space in that regard.

On a scale of 1-10 rate you style icon-ness? 

It’s easy to say a 10, because why not? But I think fashion is subjective, and that question should be reserved for a third party because I never step out if I’m not confidently looking a 10. There might be an opinion that differs from that; that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong or right, but it most definitely doesn’t change the fact that I believe I’m a 10 when it comes to that aspect.

How do you incorporate fashion and aesthetics into your music? 

Different sounds, different tones, different moods, different beats, different emotions, and different lyrics all come together to orchestrate a different song each time to tell a different story, and each time the perfect aesthetics are needed to bring it all to life in the visuals of these songs. It is a delicate and pivotal job that cannot be neglected every time I put a piece of work out there. It’s called a master piece for a reason.

How would you describe your style? 

It’s a different side to my creativity, my artistry. It’s St. Seii, not the artist but the visual artist, where I attempt to display different sides of how audacious I can be. Simply put, I think it’s high-fashion St. Seii with spontaneity. 

Your top 3 favourite Designers? 

1. Alexander McQueen

2. Massimo Dutti

3. Issey Miyake 

What does the sword represent? 

As for the sword symbol, it represents confidence and bravery, both of which are necessary prerequisites for every sense of style I manifest and which I have been required to possess in my musical journey every step of the way.


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