Lucid Drops Debut Project Titled “Hi I’m Lulu”

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Lucid, the Nigerian singer-songwriter, has released his debut project titled “Hi I’m Lulu”. The EP is a masterpiece that introduces his sound to the world. “Hi I’m Lulu” captures Lucid’s raw energy and drive, presenting listeners with a mix of biographical tracks and seductive writings. The songs on the project are highly relatable, reflecting Lucid’s experiences throughout his career. 

The EP opens with “Blessings”, a song that talks about Lucid’s personal story and journey so far. This track is raw and transmits the right emotions to listeners, creating a connection on a deeper level. “Night bus” follows with a slightly different meaning from its literal interpretation, as Lucid mixes sexual drive and groove to deliver a message directly and indirectly at the same time. 

“Flat tyre” explores toxic relationships, talking about a guy being the cause of the misunderstandings, quarrels, and other issues in his relationship due to excessive drinking. Lucid is quick to point out that the track is not promoting the abuse of alcohol but serves to raise awareness of the harm it can cause. 

Through “Therapy,” Lucid invites their audience to join them on an intimate and introspective exploration, encouraging self-reflection and personal growth. It is a song that reminds us of the power of vulnerability and the healing potential that lies within our own hearts and minds.

“Tatashe” is for lovebirds, a track about love and its expression. “Bebe” creates a danceable vibe, with Lucid finding inspiration from the beat that Jazzman produced. 

Closing the project is “Heart and Soul,” a danceable track that reflects Lucid’s never-give-up attitude. He draws inspiration from his past experiences, breaking free from the circumstances and striving to be the best.

The EP is a significant milestone for the 21yr old and is reflective of his journey so far.

“The Ep means everything to me because aside the fact that it’s my debut ep which is amazing. It’s my sound, it’s my music, it’s my stories in my songs. And every song has a feeling to it. I pray the world get to hear my sound and testify decades after.”  – Lucid states on the making of the EP.

Experience Lucid’s “HI I’M LULU” EP – A journey of personal expression and growth. Thought-provoking lyrics combined with infectious beats. Listen now on major streaming platforms.

Listen Here.


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