Interview with Abiola Cruise

Tolulope Ebiseni
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For Abiola Cruise(born Faloye Abiola Michael), music is an extension of him rather than a tool for attaining a goal or a career. His passion for music was sparked by growing up in a musically inclined family and listening to legends like King Sunny Ade, Michael Jackson, Ayuba, and others. 

He has spent years honing his sound and market, and he is now prepared to take the globe by storm. He wants to be known for great music, self-belief and a healthy mindset that transmits positivity and cheer. 

In a conversation with TXT, Abiola Cruise opens up about his goals, path, and dreams.

TXT:When did the music journey start for you? 

Cruise: Started in 2016, I recorded my first song that year too.

TXT: What is the biggest life change since you became an artiste? What would you do differently? 

Cruise: I believe I know who I am better now, I am more understanding of different situations I find myself in. But I would love to put myself out there more and take more risks..

TXT: “Rhythm & Cruise, the EP– Please tell us about this, creative process, writing, recording, Everything!

Cruise: Creating “Rhythm & cruise” took about 6 months in that time me and my producer Mezzopiano, lived together. Which was a big change for me cause I’m very used to being by myself, I’m kind of a loner. Anyway, we made a lot of songs and just kind of picked 7 songs that suit the theme.

TXT: What’s the inspiration behind your new single“Ego”?

Cruise: My desire for peace of mind, less drama And daily strive for excellence.

TXT: Describe your creative process when you write new music. 

Cruise: The ambience plays a huge role when  I’m writing new music, then There’s a lot of thinking, humming and freestyling involved to get a theme, then the lyrics.

TXT: What advice will you give to your younger self trying to get into music? 

Cruise: Take it seriously early on, with lots of focus to learn and understand the theories and dynamics of music to master the craft.

TXT: Do you believe that your upbringing contributed to where you are today? 

Cruise: Yes, I think it does because the discipline I was taught as a child affects how I live my life today, how I treat other people, and ultimately how my music sounds. I was raised to always have faith in oneself, to never give up, and to love and be kind to everyone.

TXT: Did your background play a role in your career choice?

Cruise: Yes it did, my parents a music lovers. My dad especially, we had a lot music cds growing up. From Michael Jackson to KSA, Orlando Owoh and Ayuba. So it kind of rubbed off on me.

TXT:Who did you listen to growing up? Who is your greatest musical influence?

Cruise: I listened to 2face, dbanj Michael Jackson, Akon, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.. My greatest Musical influence is Chris Brown

TXT: Asides from music, what other things are you passionate about?

Cruise: Acting. I’d like to appear in movies later on in my career.

TXT: Which musician will you like to collaborate with? 

Cruise: I will love to have a record with Wizkid.

TXT: how do you unwind away from noise & chaos? 

Cruise: I take long naps, play video games, and occasional visits to the beach and bars.  

TXT:What would you call the best album of all time?

Cruise: Thriller by Michael Jackson. Solid record.

TXT:What has your entire experience in the industry taught you? 

Cruise: Everything is not always as it seems and to never doubt myself.

TXT: What do you want to be known for? 

Cruise: Great music, self-belief and a healthy mindset that transmits positivity and cheer.

Tolulope Ebiseni

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Occasional writer, Cinephile and critic.

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