Omah Lay: Get Layd

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Omah Lay stormed the musical scene with this 5 track EP – “Get Layd”. The young bad boy/lover boy curated his lyrics and rhythm as carefully as possible. This EP is sure to strike a chord with you.

Bringing all his honesty to the feet of his love interest, he states his past ‘bad boy doings’ and at the same time declares love to his interest.

From the first note on Damn, Omah Lay makes the listeners understand that despite his disposition as a bad boy without a job who blows skunk and smokes cigar, his lover still supports him like a typical ride or die, ‘cause she be my nigga, you be my goon’. The young lad goes ahead on Lo Lo, to profess love to her still not forgetting to mention all the ills that come with him.

You, Bad Influence and Ye Ye Ye give the same message that the former tracks give with him feeling like a direct continuation of Damn’s lyric and tempo wise.

Generally, the EP is a good listen with tracks that strike a chord at the first listen. Album art was a 💯. His mix of R&B and Afropop is beautiful with Lo Lo standing out with the call and response.

Listen to the album here.


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