Obege Makes Afropop Debut with “Cinderella”

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With a large, ever expanding audience, the new sounds and voices of Afrobeats are finding increasing acceptance everyday. As the industry seems to be in its most welcoming phase yet, it is very easy to downplay the importance of timing.

Adebisi Opeyemi, more commonly referred to as Obege seems to have entered the industry at the perfect time with his first single, “Cinderella”. The Osun State indigene is set to create lasting value with his sound and become one of the defining voices of Afropop.

“Cinderella” is a blend of his native language, Yoruba, and English. As he pleads to his romantic interest to come home to see his parents because he think he’s found the one— we’re convinced we’ve heard this before. It’s one of the most available love stories. However, he manages to bring his own edge and flavour to it.

The song is an exploration of Afropop and from all indications, Obege has more in store for listeners. 

Connect with obege on social media

Instagram: @_opeyemi

Twitter: @_obege


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