This is Timaya’s strongest album. He is religiously committed to the retelling of his story. Read our review of Gratitude here—

For Broken Ears

The EP’s name is more than a title— it’s a clear disclaimer. Tems’s sound is for a very specific audience. Read our review of For Broken Ears here—

A Friendly Introduction to Saund

Review Nigerians are fans of the familiar. This is why it’ll be difficult to imagine Mr Ibu as an open-heart surgeon in a Nollywood movie. It’s the same reason fans are finding it difficult to adjust to the more “vibey” Wizkid. It’s simply the reason why the highest praise Nigerian producers get is “Omo that […]


Review “Tatarata” is just beautiful. In the quiet community of Nigerian Alternative music, there are many factions. There’s the niche “altè” sound of  Odunsi and Sirbastien and the bold dexterity of Tems and Lady Donli. Cill flies the flag of a different house. She belongs to the same house as Johnny Drille, Chike and Ric Hassani […]