Ijekimora And Seyi Vibez Collab On Victory Croon; ‘Stand By Me’

Alexx the Curator
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Sonorous afrobeat baddie Kimora returns from her hiatus with beautiful music and a surprising feature on ‘Stand By Me’.

From her silky infectious vocals, to the beat, to Seyi Vibez mixing in his distinctive style, ‘Stand By Me’ is a ballad made for hustlers. It’s relatable lyrics are aimed directly at the doers, motivating whoever’s going out of their way to make a mark for themselves that the dark times only last so long. Hardship is only temporary.

Finally it’s the celebration of success and victory which is just around the corner and in bountiful quantity for those who remained through the dark times alongside you. Kimora does wonders on the song and her talent is highly supplemented by Seyi Vibez raw style, an unlikely combination but one that’s bound to leave an impression.
Listen to ‘Stand By Me’ here.

Alexx the Curator

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