Review: “Falling” by Inart is Refreshing Hip Hop, Strong and Firm in its Tender Approach

Adanna O
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“A hard track” is hip-hop’s most defining compliment. The more toxic the sentiment, the “realer” the song is. On this single however, Inart takes a different approach with the help of K-si-yang.

Falling is a lofi-rap song with r&b and Alternative Influences. Inart and ‘Yang declare love and affection without reducing the emotion to trite bombast. The song is equal parts sexy, affectionate, fun and calm all at once.
It might not be a “commercial” number, but it is sure to get both R&B and rap fans grooving.

In all, “Falling” is an interesting direction for Inart, and certainly a refreshing one for Hip-hop.

We’re excited for more!

Listen to “Falling” here.

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Adanna O

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