CtrlT Searches for Company on “Rewind”

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CtrlT (Control T) whose birth name is Samuel Oloruntobi Oginni was born in Lagos Nigeria. Lagos is considered the home of Afrobeats as it houses the shrine of the late Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti so it is no surprise the he picked up on the citiy’s music culture at a very young age. CtrlT is currently based in Atlanta Georgia and is looking to reach the world with his voice. At age 13 CtrlT joined the choir in his Grand Mothers church. He then went on to perform at one of the major gospel music competitions in Lagos GCGT as a member of the group called Zamar.

CtrlT was recently featured on Dummymag.com a UK based online magazine as one of the new artistes to watch. He recently surpassed 1000 followers on Spotify and currently has over 7700 monthly listeners. He has the attention of listeners all over the world ranging from London, to Paris, and India.


On his latest release “Rewind”, he explores love over a well produced bouncy baseline. This track is sure to keep you listening and longing for company.

Listen here.


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