Ayox Returns with New Single; “Cocaina”, Unleashing a New Musical Path

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Ayox, the sensational Afrobeat artist widely recognized for his soulful and motivational tunes, is about to embark on a new musical journey. Ayox is back and better than ever. He is now ready to unleash his highly anticipated new single, “Cocaina.” 

His new single, “Cocaina,” marks a shift from the soulful realm where he was known as “The sad boy” to an exciting new musical expression. It is infused with infectious rhythms and heartfelt lyrics, sure to captivate listeners. 

Ayox’s transformation from “The sad boy” to a symbol of positivity and empowerment is a testament to his artistic versatility and unwavering dedication.

As Ayox continues to push boundaries and explore the depths of his musical talent, fans can look forward to more exciting projects on the horizon. Listen here


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