Alté (Alternative)

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Alté (Alternative) is a Lagos based movement with its core pillar being creative freedom. It is unfettered expression and the pursuit of same. Today, we can describe it as one of the most disruptive occurrences in Nigerian pop culture. Alté culture exceeds the bounds of music and includes includes art, fashion and has settled quite nicely as a lifestyle on its own.

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The Alté sound itself is not a different genre of music, but a juxtaposition of different genres resulting in an almost brand new genre defying sound.

Rather than belabour it, it’s best to leave it as it is because once you begin defining Alté, you cannot avoid boxing in it’s scope; which negates everything it stands for – creative freedom.

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Origins –

The term itself was coined by DRB Lasgidi member TeeZee. Coinage credit was given to him by record producer Adey in a tweet.


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